Adapter Option – Only EU Plug 5V DC

You can buy without Adapter option. Device itself needs 5V DC, output is dry contact.



1-On Off Relay (Switch)

2-On Off Relay with sensor (Thermostat)

New Feature Temp Manipulator

You can use thermostat with low/high temperatures, for example in hot water.


You can set the target temperature between -50C to + 125C range in HomeKit

You can set a temperature manipulator value for Google Home – no need for HomeKit.


Example for Google Home:

You need 60 degree hot water, use waterproof sensor set manipulator value to 2.

You will see 60 / 2 = 30 degree Google in Home


DIY Advantages

‣ Low power 5DC input

‣ Dry Contact Relays 90-250AC / 30VDC

‣ 1 Channel relay for On-Off Switch

‣ Mini Size: 45x28x18mm / 1.77×1.1×0.70 inches

‣ Play & Enjoy

Output Normally Open (NO) Normally Close (NC)

Optional Temperature sensor – use like a thermostat and additional “Virtual Switch” in the app

Optional IP67 Plastic Case

Optional 5DC Power supply

You will assemble the kit, good weekend project


Everything at once!

Apple HomeKit

Google Home

Web UI

3.Party Http protocol integration

Local Http server.

All in one with a single iot device

No Additional Hub Required: Unlike some other smart home devices, this relay module doesn’t demand an extra hub or gateway. The simplified setup not only reduces complexity but also saves you costs, ensuring an efficient and straightforward solution.Home app requires Apple TV or HomePod. No Hub / Gateway required for Google Home, controlling from local IP address or HomeHome.App web interface.

– Everything Synchronized



Power of Esp8266 with our special firmware

Super Easy Setup

You will easily setup with single page, user firendly form.


  • Q:How to setup?

When you plug the device it will broadcast WiFi network : “HomeHome-xxxxxx” Password is “homehome” Join the network, make setup in captive portal;


-Select your device type

-Select switch type (momentry/toogle) and required gmail account.

-You can set static ip (optional) for the device but you must know your gateway ip & subnet mask.

-Enter your router name and password if it doesn’t in the WiFi list “refresh network” or enter manually.



You can change other device settings by entering ip address of your device like:

Auto Turn Off Feature – Set relay 1 auto off from 1 second to 64.800 secondsTurn Back Feature – Turn to last position (on or off) when power failure or restarts.


  • Q:Internet Required?

You can use Apple HomeKit and local http server (write your device ip in to a web browser) without internet.


Google Home and Web UI needs internet connection.


  • Q:Updating device firmware?

If there is a firmware update, you will see in local http server page. Update will be done OTA – over the air.


  • Q:3th Party Apps – HTTP Server Commands

You can control HomeHome.App with 3th party apps. Your email address must be gmail

Turn on 1. relay: ‘ip.address/1/on?myEmail’

Turn off 1. relay: ‘ip.address/1/off?myEmail’

All state replies are in array for example: [0,1,2,2] 0 –> off , 1 –> on , 2 –> none

Get all relay states: ‘ip.address/all?myEmail’ 1-2-4 relay devices are using the same firmware so we push all together.

You can easly understand this is a 2 relay device. First relay is off, second relay is on in this example.


Ağırlık 0,1 kg

IP67 On Off No sensor, IP67 Thermostat Waterproof Temperature 1Meter, IP67 Thermostat Humidity, IP67+EU Plug On Off No sensor, IP67+EU Plug Thermostat Waterproof Temperature 1Meter, IP67+EU Plug Thermostat Humidity


EU Power Supply, No Power Supply

Thermostat Options:

+Temperature Humidity, +Temperature Sensor, Only Device


Box, No Add-on