Water Level Control


Works with: Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa

Model Number: water-level

Box Material: Plastic

Chip: ESP32

Virtual Switch: 2x

We will send the cables that come out of the box without cutting them. Thus, you can adjust the upper and lower levels at which you want to keep water according to your needs. 

Example 6 Meter option: We send 6 meters single cable, you cut as much as you need. Like 4 Meters for minimum level and 2 Meters for maximum level.

In the world of smart homes and automation, one element often overlooked is the control of water levels. Whether we are dealing with the water level in our swimming pools, water tanks, or even our aquariums, having an efficient and accurate water level control system is essential. Today, you will see solution that will help you maintain the right water levels with minimal effort: the Water Level Control system provided by HomeHome.App

Working logic

2 virtual switches are added on the HomeKit, Google Home and Alexa screens. When the water reach 1st sensor level, the 1st virtual switch is turned on. When the water reach 2nd sensor level, the 2nd virtual switch is turned on. Pair the switches to the switches that operate the motor/valve/system that controls the water in your smart home. Thus, when the first or second virtual button is turned on/off, it will trigger the system connected to the water tank.


The heart of this system are two sensors: MAX and MIN. The MAX sensor is designed to monitor the maximum water level. Once the water reaches this level, the sensor sends a signal to shut off the water supply, preventing overflow. On the other hand, the MIN sensor keeps track of the minimum water level. Once the water falls below this level, the sensor triggers the system to refill the water to the desired level. These sensors are designed for accuracy and durability, ensuring they provide a reliable service for a long time.

Long Sensor Cable Options

One of the major concerns when installing a water level control system is the length of the sensor cables. The sensors need to be placed at the right location to accurately monitor the water level, often requiring long cables. The Water Level Control system from HomeHome.App comes with a 2m long USB cable, giving you enough flexibility to install the sensors where you need them.

IP67 Box

The Water Level Control system is housed in an IP67 rated box. This ensures the system can withstand the harsh conditions often associated with water storage and handling, providing you with a durable solution that will keep working efficiently for a long time.

With the Water Level Control system from HomeHome.App, maintaining the right water level in your pool, tank or aquarium is as easy as setting the desired levels and letting the system do the rest.

Automate your water level control with HomeHome.App’s system, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water levels are always where they should be.

Everything at once!

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All in one with a single iot device

No Additional Hub Required: Unlike some other smart home devices, this relay module doesn’t demand an extra hub or gateway. The simplified setup not only reduces complexity but also saves you costs, ensuring an efficient and straightforward solution.Home app requires Apple TV or HomePod and Alexa app requires Amazon Alexa. No Hub / Gateway required for Google Home, controlling from local IP address or HomeHome.App web interface.

Make automations with scenes and routines.

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